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We are a family run winery specializing in hard cider. Located in a rural town in East Central Pennsylvania and nestled in the mountains, we are surrounded by apple orchards. We have been making cider to sell since the start of 2020. 
Our cider is made from local apples. Every step of production, from selecting the apples to bottling is chosen to make the best tasting cider possible. 
The growers we buy our apples from have been selling fruit for five generations. They sell most of their apples directly to the consumers, and focus on flavor. Always on the lookout for new, tastier apples, they currently have 50-60 varieties for us to choose from. They also have a strong sense of stewardship, which is why all of their apples are IPM certified. 
Each year we select eight to ten varieties of apples that we feel will make the best cider. Since our grower releases new varieties every year, our lineup of cider changes as well. Experience has showed us that apples are at their peak flavor just after harvest time, so that is when we press our cider.
We allow our cider to ferment spontaneously, using only native yeast from the orchard. This leisurely fermentation preserves more of the flavor from the fruit. It also produces a unique range of fruity aromas from the wild yeast.
Once satisfied with the results of fermentation, we bottle the finished cider unfiltered. When bubbles are called for, we add fresh cider at bottling time for a secondary fermentation in the bottle.

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Sheltered Valley Cider is delighted to join West Reading Farmers Market. They include food producers and growers located within fifty miles of West Reading. We attend West Reading Farmers Market biweekly, so be sure to check the schedule to be sure we will be there. 

Organic Farmers Market

We attend a number of farmers markets and festivals in the area. We can often be found at the festivals hosted by Kenny Stehr and Sons Farmers Market throughout the year. Our schedule for these events varies, so sign up for our mailing list, or check us out on Facebook.

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